I have a maintenance function that ought not bother spinning the CPU if the
screen is locked.  It checks this thus:

if pidof i3lock >/dev/null; then

This is i3-specific, which is sad, but not a huge problem.  What is a
problem is that i3lock sometimes hangs around even though I think it should
exit on unlock.  And, indeed, most of the time it does exit on unlock.
Once in a while, I find I have one or even several i3lock processes hanging

I either lock my screen explicitly

bindsym $mod+Control+L exec i3lock --dpms --inactivity-timeout 10

or else it's done by inactivity

xautolock -detectsleep \
    -time 3 -locker "i3lock --dpms --color=220022 --inactivity-timeout 10

This question thus has two parts:

1. Am I doing something wrong that I sometimes have multiple i3lock
2. Is there a better way to detect screen lock than pidof i3lock?

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