It could be that the application in question is busylooping until it
receives the MapNotify event. Perhaps for_window [class="Emacs"] move to
workspace 2, workspace 2, workspace back_and_forth works? (but it will

If so, file a bug upstream with the application(s) in question.

On Mon, Apr 27, 2015 at 7:48 PM, Antonio-M. Corbi Bellot <> wrote:

> Hi all,
> I am currently using i3 version 4.10.2.
> Since a few months I've been observing a strange behaviour in i3 when I
> assign a window from emacs or chromium to a specific workspace. The
> behaviour I'm describing here was also the same with i3 4.[7,8,9].x.
> For example, I assign emacs to this key combination:
> bindsym $mod+Shift+m  exec "emacs"
> And the workspace assignment is this:
> assign [class="Emacs"] 2
> Assuming I'm working in workspace 1, when I press $mod+Shift+m (I don't
> change to ws 2 for the moment), emacs starts in workspace 2 but I see
> an increment in cpu usage being the main culprits emacs (approx. 60%
> cpu usage) and xorg (approx. 90% cpu usage). And this cpu usage is
> doesn't slow down until I change to workspace 2 ($mod+2)
> and then I observe that emacs hasn't finished starting and in the very
> moment I've changed to workspace 2 it is like it resumes execution and
> it finishes starting normally. It is then that cpu usage from xorg and
> emacs slow down to their normal values.
> I've also observed this behaviour with chromium, no other applications
> suffer from this 'strange' behaviour, i.e I use claws-mail in workspace
> 4 and it opens there without a glitch. Also I use glade (3.18.1) in
> this way, assigned to workspace 2, and it starts nicely.
> I'm not sure if it is an emacs/chromium bug or an i3 bug or even a xorg
> bug, but I've observed it only with i3 and these applications.
> Has anyone observed this?
> Antonio Corbi.

Best regards,

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