On 17/06/2015 20:25, Kareem wrote:
On 2015-06-17 2005, Nicolas Bercher wrote:
I have troubles using Mod4+<any>.

Here is my configuration sample:

   bindsym Mod4+Up exec alsa-volume-increase
   bindsym Mod4+Down exec alsa-volume-decrease
   bindsym Mod4+m exec alsa-volume-toggle-mute

where alsa-volume-* are bash script that do work very well
from the shell.

I think the problem is that you haven't written the full path to your
script. I think i3 doesn't care about your $PATH, it's kind-of like

Good point, but I do use absolute path (and are correct), but my sample
conf was just simplified for the discussion here.

But the trouble IS relate to $PATH anyway: my scripts source other bash
source files (kind of bash libs), so my question now is (since I've
investigated a lot around PATH yet):

How do I set a more large, user-dependent, PATH so that i3 is aware of,
say, my ~/bin/ folder (or any other as well) ?

I've tried to define a correct ~/.xsessionrc, actually it points to my
~/.profile which in turn sources ~/.bashrc.

Would that be correct a approach?  (since everything is OK from a bash

Thanks a lot,

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