I said that wrong in the subject, let me try in more than one line:

I have a somewhat modal idea of how to interact with a window manager, so
my i3 config binds very little at global level, the rest is in modes.  One
mode I call "focus", because the items in that mode I might want to do
without leaving the mode, mostly moving between windows.  In mode "i3",
most of the bindings end with a mode command, often back to "default".

I have this in my $HOME/i3/.config:

set $mod Mod1
bindsym $mod+Tab mode "i3"

mode "i3" {
    # Some things I might want to do.
    # Includes a transition to focus mode.

    # The mode is long, but here's an example:
    bindsym c  exec urxvt; mode "default"

mode "focus" {
    # A handful of actions that I want in a separate mode.

    # And then there's a bunch of move/resize bindings, and then:

    # If I forget where I am, do the right thing.
    bindsym $mod+Tab mode "i3"

    # Get me out of here.
    bindsym Return     mode "default"
    bindsym Escape     mode "default"
    bindsym Control+g  mode "default"

This works great but for two bindings in "focus" mode:

1.  The $mod+Tab binding I would expect to drop me into "i3" mode, but it
has no effect.

2.  The ESC and C-G bindings exit "focus" mode correctly, but RET has no

Any suggestions what I've done wrong?

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