I've got a really weird issue that's been bothering me for perhaps the last
6 months (before then it worked fine, perhaps could have been around when I
switched to using my keyboard to suspend). Sometimes when I resume from
suspend (I have i3lock launching at the same time as when I suspend) I can
unlock my computer, but then no more keyboard events work. The keyboard
remains active (lights on) and I can switch to a TTY, but none of the i3
events fire. The only way I can fix it is to use the mouse (which is still
working) to click on a workspace in the statusbar and then the keyboard
responds again.

 As mentioned above, it only happens sometimes, and as a fellow dev it
really annoys me to no end when something is unreproducible. Things I have
tried to reproduce are just suspending, then detaching my keyboard and
attaching it again before resuming from suspend, but that doesn't trigger
the issue. Just about the only common thing I can find is time (after being
suspended for a long time, 12hours+, it seems to happen more frequently).

One idea I've had is that because I use a keyboard shortcut to suspend
(`bindsym --release $mod+Control+Shift+s exec "systemctl suspend; i3lock"`
in my config, the --release was me weeks ago trying to rectify the issue,
but it still persisted) i3wm is somehow holding onto the keyboard before
flushing, but then post-suspend, i3lock takes the keyboards focus, i3wm
holds onto an old un-flushed pointer to the keyboard (not sure if that is
how that works) and doesn't refresh it upon i3lock giving up focus.
>From searching around in the i3 source code, seeing the line in
main.c:main() with the comment annotation
    /* Grab the keyboard to get all input */
And that function also occuring in click.c:route_click() (i.e. when I click
the workspaces in the status bar)
Maybe this is what is allowing the keyboard to work again. Is there some
way this could be run upon i3lock giving up focus / i3wm resuming focus?

Any help in solving this would be much appreciated!

Here is some information about my system:
Mouse: Razer Naga, (one with 12 buttons on side)
Keyboard: ducky shine 3 with mini usb cable for connection (issue has
occurred on my laptops internal keyboard also though)
Distro: Arch Linux
i3 Version: 4.11
Kernel version: 4.2.3-1-ARCH

Ben Kaiser

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