We did not have time to take action on two motions at yesterday's meeting.
Please review the motion below. If an oversight board seconds the motion,
then we can bring it up for a vote by email.



Motion regarding GSoC mentoring stipends

Motion: Whereas it is the general policy of Sugar Labs to retain all GSoC
mentoring stipends in the General Fund, if a mentor asks a GSoC Admin (for
example in 2016, Walter or Lionel) to pay a stipend to a mentor, their
share of the stipend amount will be disbursed without further motions to
approve the spending. The share is calculated from the total awarded for
the GSoC slot by Google, minus 10% (as all Sugar Labs income is donated to
Software Freedom Conservancy for organisational services), minus 5%
(retained for Sugar Labs General Funds),  divided by the number of mentors
for the project. For example, in a year with 6 slots and 10 mentors at
$500, the total revenue is $3,000; 10% for Conservancy is $300 and 5% for
Sugar Labs is $150, leaving a total of $2,550 or $255 per mentor.


Note that an earlier version of this motion failed:

Failed Motion

Motion: To allow the mentors participating in Google Summer of Code to
disperse the mentor stipend among themselves as they see fit.

Further discussion of this motion can be found beginning at [1].

[1] http://lists.sugarlabs.org/archive/iaep/2016-May/018130.html
Walter Bender
Sugar Labs
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