Countdown to 0.84 launch!

1. Make SL press-contactable: phone number
After looking at a number of solutions which will allow us to grow
with the same number, I have succeeded in reserving the following
Gizmo5 Business number for 12 months: +1.857.254.1100. The idea will
be to use this number on press releases and the planned press page.
Journalists will call this number on Monday, so I will need to test it
this weekend and I may need helpers. Bernie will do his best to
integrate this number with Asterix by this weekend, but it seems
possible to function (forwarding/voicemail) temporarily in standalone
mode if that won't be possible.

2. Sugar 0.84 press release
The final press release is ready in English and will be ready in
Spanish and French later today. We hope to have German and Portugese
by Monday. Help us please reach contacts in these languages, add
contacts (without e-mail or phone which should be sent to me) to The screenshot
has been chosen, but as a side effect this choice generated a vigorous
& healthy debate concerning Sugar's Home view: freeform versus ring,
how to handle too many icons, oval or spiral variants, Activity
groupings, etc. As a result, the Design Team has called a meeting on
this topic for 1300 UTC on Saturday March 21. During the marketing
meeting, the point was raised that we are not as ready as we could be
to welcome & manage volunteers. It may be necessary to update the
Contributors page
to reflect that. The next two press releases will be 1) in a few
weeks, targeted at developers, for 0.84.1 or 0.84.2 ; 2) around April
10th for FOSSVT ( where we plan to roll out the
first Sugar Labs-branded Sugar on a Stick. Discussion of that deadline
led to the question of how to handle feedback in a scalable way; after
the press launch we will turn our attention to this, in particular the
Local Labs aspect. This also led to a discussion on whether and how
Sugar is a "product", an issue we will need to be clear on.

3. Press release page on website
Christian is working on this and we plan to go live with this page
just prior to the media launch at 9:00AM EDT (1300 UTC). This page
will be a permanent reference to our press releases and show the PR
phone number above.

4. Printable PDF brochure
A one or two-page handout for teachers, parents, and donors, this
brochure will be a condensed version of the new site. Not ready yet,
will be completed this weekend and posted on the Press page or
elsewhere. Problem: we need photos of kids using Sugar, and signed
releases of photos we will use. I have followed up this morning with
the SFC on this second issue.

5. First 100 SoaS Sugar Labs branded USB sticks
Little advancement on this from me, I'm only too aware the timeframe
is shrinking but I am very occupied with the media launch, I will try
to move forward on choosing a supplier this weekend. I don't have the
purple-background inverted logo mockup from Christian yet, but he is
also working hard on the media launch...

6. Sugar Stories
Mel is working on this and hopes to have at least three ready & up on
the wiki sometime this weekend.


Marketing Coordinator
IAEP -- It's An Education Project (not a laptop project!)

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