It looks pretty likely that we will have a virtual SugarShack this summer!

Thanks to some hard, fast work by Frederick Grose, Stephen Jacobs, and
Karlie Robinson, Sugar Labs will be working with the Rochester
Institute of Technology to mentor some Co-op students this summer.
Rumor has it the the weather in upstate New York is rather pleasant.

Please see
for more details.

Based on the impressive things Fred and Karlie have already done and
talking with Stephen this afternoon, this will be a fascinating

I'll let Fred who as volunteered to act as the Sugar Labs liaison for
the project explain the details:)


Never fear, just because Sugar Labs is making progress on a proper
co-op program with RIT, my original dream of a Sugar Flophouse is not
dead. Maybe it is because I caught the last two months of the 60s,  an
artist's colony for geeks has great appeal:)
IAEP -- It's An Education Project (not a laptop project!)

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