Caroline Meeks wrote:
> Hi Karlie,
> Its looking like Rochester is going to be a hotbed of Sugar 
> development.  We are hoping to co-locate a Sugar conference with NYSCATE.
> Given that I think we should really go for it on in terms of 
> presentations.  My thought is lets propose two hands on 3 hour 
> workshops.  Using Sugar in the Elementary School Classroom and another 
> specializing in Using Sugar in Math Instruction. Lets also sign up for 
> a 1 hour lecture format session on Sugar.
> Who else is going to be there? Is there someone from Math4 group who 
> can be Presentor 1 for the Math Class?
Of course I'll be in town and I've done a 50 minute presentation on 
Math4 at Ithaca EdTech day and Bar Camp Rochester[1].  I was the one who 
got everyone going on Math4 in Rochester (Fedora XO donation to RIT and 
liaison work). 

We also have Steve Jacobs the RIT professor who ran with my suggestion 
to teach Open Source development. 

And last but not least, Fred Grose who'll be overseeing the RIT Co-ops 
this summer, Wiki Magician, and the guy who's been beyond helpful 
filling in our knowledge gaps concerning OLPC and Sugar Labs. 

Steve and Fred were also the driving force behind an OLPC Grass Roots 
group in Rochester.  I just happened to come to the first meeting as a 
Fedora-OLPC SIG rep.  The rest is kismet.  (Rochester NY is a hot bed 
for FOSS to begin with LUG of Rochester is one of the oldest Linux User 
Groups in the world running continuously for 15 years)
IAEP -- It's An Education Project (not a laptop project!)

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