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> As this is a very thoughtful proposal, I contacted SFConservancy's general
> counsel to verify it is legal given 501(c)3 non-profit laws can be strict,
> and he emphasized 2 things:
> (1) no tangible benefits may be offered in return for a donation
> (otherwise it is not a donation, by law!)
> (2) if such transactions were ever to become quasi-mandatory (similar to
> membership dues in many other organizations) he would strongly prefer we
> not use the word "Member" and rather use terminology like "Patron"
> (commonly-used word in charitable circles, and doesn't imply explicit
> benefits), "Lab Assistants," or "Sugar Labs Official Patrons" (SLOPs, not
> my choice!), or "Sweet Teeth," etc, with a fun logo (that fits in with the
> existing "Sugar Labs" brand).

Thanks for checking in with Conservancy on this :)

Fortunately no benefits in the motion are tangible, and no transactions are

> Finally while I'm not at all against this very thoughtful proposal going
> forward increasingly seriously, there is a *Ton* of overhead to managing
> $12 donations,

Adam, I don't understand your assertion at all!

I imagine that when someone sends $12 via PayPal, then Paypal automatically
takes its fee and deposits the remainder in the Conservancy account; then
Conservancy is obliged to perform the light and simple task of transferring
10% of that to their account and 90% to their SL ear-marked account, which
they do with ledger-cli, which they are familiar with. I imagine that
Conservancy staff are familiar with performing this task on a weekly basis,
if not more frequently. I do not think this will be a burden. Have any
Conservancy staff expressed that this will be a burden? If it was a burden,
they are earning their 10%, so I would see no reason to not to place that
burden on them, if there was one, which there isn't.

Please list all the management tasks you think are associated with a $12
donation to be performed by anyone.

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