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>>> I  am all for raising funds but we need to articulate the reason why we
>>> need them.
>> To pay for labour to achieve goals, such as the existing translations and
>> finance manager roles and perhaps others in the future; to find out which
>> members are active in 2016; to pay for all travel expenses for all active
>> members to attend a sugar summit... there are countless things you can do
>> with general funds.
> Dave - Walter means how we articulate to potential donors, i.e. the
> compelling story I have mentioned. It's a marketing problem and rushing
> through a motion is not the solution - we need to be clear what our vision
> and major goals are, and relate them convincingly to donors.

The strategic plan for Sugarlabs, which should include Vision, Mission,
Goals, Objectives and Tasks can not only act as a roadmap (time frame 3 to
5 years) but also then justify request for funds for said Tasks. The funds
can be through a fundraising campaign or grants etc.

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