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> Tony,
> El 05/06/16 a las 01:14, Tony Anderson escribiĆ³:
> Note: at the last meeting, the emphasis on voting on a series of motions
> resulted in no report from the Translation Community Manager.
> This is absurd. It is the duty of the Translation Community Manager to:
> "Report monthly to the Sugar Labs Oversight Board and to the community and
> to the public on the status of the translations program, preferably by
> blogging informally (blog posts can be any length) to
> http://planet.sugarlabs.org using plain language that is understandable to
> almost all."

Yes, that is exactly the language in the contract.  I would note that
I have yet to see a fully executed version of the contract myself, but
let's not get hung up on the legal niceties at this point, I certainly
haven't let it hold me up on performing the job.

I joined the meeting (albeit slightly late), I did not think I was
expected to make any report at the meeting, but I would have been
happy to address any questions raised.

> There is no reason this should happen at the meeting.
> I have seen no activity in the translation team issue tracker:
> https://github.com/sugarlabs-infra/translation-team/pulse/monthly

Interesting query construction. . .

If you instead you use the simple "closed issue"  query link:


You will see that I have in fact closed a number of the issues posted
there.  It was a tracker Sebastian created, not really something I
sought out, but I'll close them as I can, when I have addressed more
important issues first.

Most of the work I've done is not captured by this particular issue
tracker and I see no reason to do double-entry book-keeping in
multiple task trackers, so I would not look this this particular
github issue link as a meaningful source of activity tracking.

> I expected to hear from Cjl already.

Yes, I had expected to have provided the report already, but the
request that it be delivered in the form of a blog post has resulted
in some delay. I'll get it out shortly.

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