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Sugar Labs Fundraising Committe Notes

Welcome to TitanPad! This document is live at http://titanpad.com/SLFC
Please take yourself time to read
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TODOs (please vote + name)

1. To create a grant/beneficiaries database an a collaborative Sugar
compatible tool.

2. To design compelling experiences to interect with such database.

3. To define mechanisms for funds distribution and certification among

(DC: I don't understand each of these 3 points; I think we only need this
document to list grants, and _maybe_ we could use a spreadsheet to tabulate
the list, but I don't think we ought to spend time on process development;
I also don't understand what mechanism for distribution we need beyond what
we have, which is that a Project Leader who is resposible for making the
grant proposal on behalf of the SL project is then correspondingly
responsible for spending the grant funds to achieve the aims that were
proposed (Sean: This is controversial). Please could you elaborate on the
capabilities of such a database that you have in mind, and what the
outcomes of another distribution mechanism would be?)

4. Liaise with Adam and the SFC concerning any submittal requiring an EIN
(nonprofit taxpayer ID - I have the SFC number but after several scoldings
in the past I don't do anything without SFC clearance). In many cases,
referral to SFC entry in GuideStar may be sufficient


1, To create and fund new earmarked funds:
< each Project Leader, please add your name to the list>

1.1 a Sugar Projects Translation's Fund - PL Laura Vargas

1.2 a Sugar Network Development Fund - PL Laura Vargas

1.3 a Sugar Open Educational Resources Projects Fund - PL?

1.4 a Sugarizer Fund - PL?

1.5 an IIAB (Internet In A Box) fund PL?

Note: The above project-funds are for Sugar related projects already
underway by SL members.

Note: Current spending commitments are directed by the Oversight Board.

Calls for Proposals and Grants to consider (please vote + name)

Note: the SFC is listed in GuideStar, well-known clearinghouse for
nonprofit tax status filing data (US form 990) - many grant sources insist
on GuideStar entry for due diligence

- MacArthur Foundation: https://www.macfound.org/programs/100change/ (Laura
+1:  It is worth the effort and generic enough for all our projects to fit
in on a 10 -15 years horizon under the "improving children comunications
among all continents" ;D concept and movement.) (Dave +1)

- https://www.google.com/grants (Dave: +1, $10k/month in adwords is a great
way to get more volunteers.

- Knight News Challenge. Entry deadline has passed:

- NSF (Updated link) annual cycles in process:

-Current USAID funding opportunities:

- Lowes small grants for individual schools in the US:

-Michael and Susan Dell Foundation. Requires a US Taxpayer ID; the
Conservancy EIN is 41-2203632: http://www.msdf.org/grants/apply/eligibility/

- Global Partnership for Education (GPE) for applications from countries:

- http://www.mastercardfdn.org
- http://www.iyfnet.org/youth-organizations
- https://www.macfound.org/programs/girlseducation/
- http://allchildrenreading.org
- http://mccartheydressman.org/academic-enrichment-grants/
- https://corporate.bestbuy.com/community-grants-page/
- http://livingprogresschallenge.hpe.com/
- http://corporate.mattel.com/about-us/philanthropy/childrenfoundation.aspx
- https://public.conxport.com/delta/donation/Home.aspx
- UNESCO (2017 cycle) http://en.unesco.org/ifpc/
- Long list of grants, updated often
- a non-profit management organization "Y-Combinator:
(Dave -1, I don't think SL is ready for this.)

Applications we are working on / Deadlines

- Appliction 1 / Deadline 1 / Link to Application Document 1

- Aplication 2 / Deadline 2 / Link to Application Document 2

- Aplication 3 / Deadline 3 / Link to Application Document 3

On Hold:

0.8 a Sugar Social Media Manager Role (Laura -1: Social Media Manager as a
Role should not stand alone for the creation of a complex finantial tool as
it is the "Fund" figure, instead this might fit under the potential
creation of an infrastructure Fund) (Dave: My understanding is that the
infrastructure refers concretely to the servers only.)

To create and fund Sugar Labs's current spending commitments:

(Laura: This by definition is a "financial error". Sugar Labs is a project
by itself and therefore it's direct spending commitments are under it's
main general fund and under the Oversight capacity of execution.) (Dave: I
don't understand; SL has committed to spending and needs to meet those

- the Sugar Finance Manager Role (Laura -1: There seems to be no consesus
yet about the FM role) (Dave: I have the impression there is consensus on
the need for the role, as Walter was the main one raising fundemental
objections but recently said he won't object since Caryl and I have argued
persuasively for it so he's willing to try it out; the current discussions
are about the specific wording.)

- Add your goal here...

- to draft a motion to directly sign up for a 3 month grantwatch.com
account (US$79) or reimburse a member for doing so, and use this to find
more grant opportunities (Laura -1, I don't think we have that much
capacity/time to explore many grants, we might point to aprox 3 < One led
by each one of us> at least for what is left of 2016) (Dave: I'm happy to
postpone this and only consider grants we can find without such a tool, but
I suspect that selection is not the best.)

- to list out any current grants from this old list compiled by Ed Cherlin,

- to find the grant pages of the following organizations and government
- Intel (Laura: They have facilitated equipment "classmates" to the
somosAzucar Research and Development team, as we use them for testing
Debian-Sugar Distribution as requested by MinEdu PerĂº)
- Oracle (Sean: In the past I floated a partnership idea, where they help
us host a matrix of VirtualBox prebuilt Sugar VMs)
- Google RISE
- FedEx
- Red Hat
- Mozilla
- Linux Foundation
- Ford Foundation
- Dreamhost
- Yahoo
- Facebook
- Amazon
- Twitter
- Yahoo
- Netflix
- Pinterest
- Singularity University
- Hackidemia organization
- Afrimakers
- MakerCamp
- MakerFaire
- Samsung Research
- Microsoft (laura -1: No private software funds shall get into our
accounts!) (dave +1: money is money, and almost all the funding sources are
private companies; the Nadella Microsoft is very different to the
Gates/Ballmer era and is about as ethical as Google, Facebook, Intel, or
IBM :) (Laura: don't apply, the requirement from grants providers to
resonate SL values is not negotiable as it stands for the whole learning
model we are proposing.) (Sean -1: No point adding Microsoft or Bill &
Melinda Gates Foundation to this list.) (Dave: You assert your own values
as "SL values", but the observable behaviour of SL and OLPC is not
consistent with them. What do you see as the difference between Google and
Microsoft? Why does SL take Google's money?)
- Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

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