Motion: To replace existing bylaw for Finance Manager from:

The Finance Manager is an ex officio, non-voting officer taking care
of Sugar Labs' Finance.
Currently, this position is vacant.


The Finance Manager shall be appointed by a majority vote of the Sugar
Labs Oversight Board (SLOB) and may be either a non-voting officer or
one of the current SLOB members. The Finance Manager will serve at the
will of the Board and may be removed and replaced by a majority vote
of the Board if necessary.

Duties of the Finance Manager will be to:

1. Work with the Software Freedom Conservancy (Conservancy) to manage
all Sugar Labs monetary disbursements.

2. report in advance of the first scheduled SLOB Meeting of each month
(Meeting) the following:

- Balance at the date of the previous report
- Expenses since then (with details for each expense)
- Income received since then or not previously reported
- Balance at the date of the report

To carry out these duties, the Finance Manager will need familiarity
with using the Software Freedom Conservancy accounting system “Ledger”
(see details at and

This Finance Manager’s Report (Report) shall be available as a full
text on the website at least 72 hours before the
Meeting. A simple majority vote of the SLOB shall be required for
approval of the Report.

The Finance Manager may be paid a remuneration for their services in
proportion to the expected workload. SLOB shall set the initial amount
and shall review and reapprove the amount of remuneration every 6
months. If this does not happen the remuneration will default to $0,
but can be reinstated at any subsequent Meeting.

Failure to carry out these duties for more than one Meeting in any 6
month period will result in automatic removal of the Finance Manager
appointment. If this occurs, reapplying for the position is permitted.
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