At today's Sugar Labs oversight board meeting [1], we discussed the motion submitted by Chris Leonard to fund a program for translation of Sugar into Yoruba, one of the three main languages spoken in Nigeria. I second the motion and bring it to you in an email vote.

Members of the oversight board, please reply to this email solicitation for a vote on the following motion.

[text of the motion follows - this email from Walter was posted on IAEP]


Tony Anderson




I don't see any evidence how Yoruba localization could increase the size of the Sugar community. I think we mix here two things:
- a localization project without any clear need on the field,
- a legitimate wish to thank an active and loyal contributor (Samson)
I can't be agree with the first one (including within the Trip Advisor deal): it's time and money for nothing. I'm agree with the second one but may be we could imagine other ways to do that, i.e. ask Samson to work on more useful tasks. For example help on initiative like the Tony one to invent an auto localization process.

Best regards from France.


+1 para Yoruba i18n motion

Sugiero que para futuras propuestas se especifique el impacto que tendrá en la comunidad. Es decir, cuáles y cuántos serán los beneficiarios de la traducción, y si esto ampliará significativamente el alcance de Sugar.


Lic. José Miguel García
Montevideo - Uruguay

+1 to the motion.

Following Lionel's point, I suggest we create a list of languages and decide which ones are a priority (based on the potential impact) and look for people to do the job.


Today at 7:38PM (ET) would be the deadline for the i18n motion.

So the result on this motion is five in favor, one opposed and one abstention.

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