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I certainly appreciate the attention my email has received. However, I am disappointed that the responses do not reflect my main concern. I beleive Sugar and Sugar Labs will fade away if it continues to be perceived as the software that comes on an XO. I believe Sugar Labs and Sugar should be perceived as in a similar relationship as Red Hat is to Fedora and Canonical is to Ubuntu.

We need to have releases of Sugar: Long-term-support, latest stable, and developer. These releases should be downloadable as a single image which can be installed from a livecd usb stick generated by a dd command. The starting point is probably SOAS - which is not now installable without a technically difficult use of livecd tools in a Fedora 24 installation (which is difficult since Fedora provides Fedora 25).

As an evaluation of Sugar Lab's success is that the Mexican deployment presented in the OLPC SF Summit chooses to use Sugar instead of UberMix.

We should be able to speak about Sugar deployments as we now speak about OLPC deployments. Sugar should be available for PCs and mobile devices with xo being considered as one of the supported environments.

If no action is taken except to discuss future academic papers about Sugar Labs and SLOB elections, I think both will become totally irrelevant. Current OLPC deployments will choose new hardware to replace XOs and install on this hardware Windows, Raspbian, Chrome OS, UberMix or other readily available and supported alternatives. Sugar will join APL and Cobol in computer history.


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There is a IAEP thread "Preparing for the 2017 SLOB Election" in early August that has more details about all this.

First, I want to note that while an 'election committee' has been mentioned, Walter said in that earlier thread:

    I am of the opinion that SLOB does not have to approve individual
    membership in committees. SLOB responsibility vis-a-vis committees
    is to appoint a representative. So I don't think we need a motion.

As Caryl and Seb have reiterated on this thread: while they both helped run the election last year, they both said a few months ago that they are unable to volunteer for this year.

At that time I offered to volunteer, as did Samson; and I found a possible web app to run the election and suggested Samuel Cantero could set it up, and he graciously did set it up.

However, by September, (a) the GSOC project to make a font editor activity wound up, and (b) Sameer offered to lead the vision thing, and until that is done I am not confident about taking any other actions, and (c) I accepted an employment offer by Google and have had less free time since then compared to when I was working as a consultant, so I haven't done more of the things I said I would do. I wrote on August 5:

    So, I volunteer to do the following before the next SLOB meeting:

    - I will ask Sam C to set up a new
    <mailto:sugar-annou...@lists.sugarlabs.org> mailing list with
    himself, myself, samson, caryl and seb as list admins.

    - I will complete the review of all accounts on the wiki to mark
    the ones that look like spammers

    - I will make a final 'all possible members' email list

    - I will draft the email that asks people to join the announce
    list and explains why I am asking them to do this, and a motion to
    approve the election email, and share it on the IAEP list for
    community review

    - I will ask SLOBs to post and second the motion

    Then in early September I can send the email, and prepare a report
    with the new list of members and similarly to before another draft
    email soliciting board applications for SLOB to review and approve
    in the October meeting.

    Then in early October I can send that email, perhaps also with the
    donation request, and then prepare a final email calling for votes
    that SLOB can review and approve in the November meeting.

    Then in early November the call for votes can go out, votes can
    come in, and in early December the results can be announced.

I still think this process is a good one, but regretfully I am not going to be able to put much effort into this until January at the earliest.

So, I suggest that Samson and anyone who wants to volunteer to run the election take a look at that web app with Sam C and see if it really will work for Sugar Labs in 2016.

If not, http://civs.cs.cornell.edu was used last year and should be a suitable mechanism for people to cast votes.

Finally, I think the very next step is for whoever volunteers to run the election to come up with a list of members emails to solicit votes from. (Where the discussions last trailed off was in discussing who should be on this 'final members list' - I think we agreed to cast a very wide net, and I made some progress reviewing wiki accounts and, defining the members list based on wiki + mailing list posters. I am happy to share that WIP and explain what I would do next with it, but it may be better for the person to start their own list.)

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