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Subject: Mitigating Fraud from Within

Internal Fraud Control Strategies

*Successfully mitigating fraud from within*

22 to 23 March 2017

 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

29 to 30 March 2017

 Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dear Leaders,

There are several keys to effective fraud prevention, but some of the most 
important tools in the corporate toolbox are strong internal controls. Equally 
important, though, are the company’s attitude towards fraud, internal controls 
and an ethical organizational culture.

Why you should attend

v  Participant will return to their organisations and be able to work with 
their management and colleagues to create a first class internal fraud 
management policy for their organizations.

v  Participant will be exposed to real life examples of internal fraud cases 
and success stories of how companies have been able to mitigate internal fraud.

v  Participant will have a hands-on approach to working through and taking away 
an effective fraud policy which can be used in their organizations.

v  Participant who win the fun tests conducted will receive a free copy of the 
booklet, “Profiling the Fraudster” which was authored by the trainer himself.


Benefits of the event

v  Update yourselves with the current fraud trends and new techniques in 
combating fraud and to anticipate future needs.

v  Master strategies of internal control and risk management to protect your 
organisation against fraud.

v  Gain valuable insights on computer frauds, bribery and corruption as well as 

v  Provide the proper resources for early detection and prevention of fraud in 
your organisation.

v  Mitigate fraud risk by learning the latest fraud control policies and 

v  Ensure the best ways to conduct an internal investigation to safeguard your 

Request for more Details

To request for more information such as the full agenda and the course outline 
of the event, kindly reply with subject “IFCS-KL” & “IFCS-DB”.

Warmest Regards,

J a y

Marketing Department

DID (65) 6825 9622

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JCM (Joint Convention Malang) 2017
Sep 25-28 September 2017


Iuran tahunan Rp.250.000,- (profesional) dan Rp.100.000,- (mahasiswa)
Pembayaran iuran anggota ditujukan ke:
Bank Mandiri Cab. Wisma Alia Jakarta (a/n IAGI)
No. Rek: 123 0085005314
Bank BCA KCP. Manara Mulia (A/n: Shinta Damayanti)
No. Rekening: 255-1088580

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