Thanks Stephen,

The output, slightly modified to protect the guilty is as follows:

.EZA1736I FTP                                                                   
.EZA1450I IBM FTP CS V1R4                                                       
.EZA1456I Connect to ?                                                          
.EZA1736I eaid2                                                                 
.EZA1554I Connecting to: port: 10.             
.EZA2590E initIPv4Connection error from connect = (1128.769F0442) - EDC8128I Con
.EZA1460I Command:                                                              
.EZA1457I You must first issue the 'OPEN' command                               
.EZA1460I Command:                                                              
.EZA1736I password                                                             
.EZA1618I Unknown command: 'password'                                           
.EZA1619I For a list of the available commands, say HELP                        
.EZA1460I Command:                                                              
.EZA1736I CD /EAI/STP/data_impact/in/                                           
.EZA1457I You must first issue the 'OPEN' command                               
.EZA1460I Command:                                                              
.EZA1736I PUT 'PPPCGLD.XGLD264.D0105.MONTHLY' ParamMonthlyGL0105.txt            
.EZA1457I You must first issue the 'OPEN' command                               
.EZA1460I Command:                                                              
.EZA1736I quit                                                                  

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Subject: RE: EDC8128I Connection refused.

I have seen this scenario before when the programmer has extra characters (past 
column 80) in the SYSIN.  FTP treated it as part of the connection name. 

It would be more helpful to post the output of the job...


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Hi all,

FYI. I am an apps programmer.  We seem to have a lack of ftp knowledge at my 
place of employment.  We are having several ftps fail and the ball seems to 
rest firmly in my court.

This is an example of the ftp commands input to a failing mainframe to network 
batch ftp job.  The only thing I have changed is the password.  I substituted 
the word "password":

User eaidm                                                     
CD /EAI/STP/data_impact/in/                                    
PUT 'PPPCGLD.XGLD264.D0105.MONTHLY' ParamMonthlyGL0105.txt     

The job, and its brethren fail with "EDC8128I Connection refused.".  HOWEVER, 
if I go to ISPF 6, and type the TSO command 'ftp' then enter the above listed 
ftp command lines in sequence, IT WORKS.

Somebody tell me what is happening, please?



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