On 30/11/2010 6:12 PM, Mike Schwab wrote:

That was not payroll.  That was a bank.  They screwed up all
transactions for a week after a conversion and fallback.  I would be
really curious as to how the database was functioning without crashing
while processing all those bad transactions.

Almost like they were processing the same old (duplicate) transactions
(?same GDG?) on one system while another system was putting new
transactions into newer files (GDG +1) which the other system did not
see (many missing transactions).  Maybe if they said which days were
repeated and which days were missed we could learn more?

Does the sysplex carry catalog updates (new file names) across
systems?  Are there Coupling Facility links that spread catalog
updates to other systems?

My speculation based on what has been in the news is that they had some sort of error processing their overnight batch transactions, and their error recovery also failed.

Then they would have had the problem of reversing the updates from the failed batch update and rerunning it, while still allowing new transactions into the database so that the bank could keep functioning.

It's the sort of problem that you would hope that banks are prepared for, but it still sounds like it could give you headaches.

I am also curious to know more.


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