I wanted to let everyone on the list know that the Beta testing phase for 
SyzAUTO/z V6 is going to be starting on June 15.  This time, the beta testing 
is not limited to just existing clients, we are asking for up to 150 non-client 
sites on a first-come basis.  All beta test sites that test the product and 
fill out the questionnaire at the end will receive the product at a 50% 
discount ($2,500) off the standard $5K cost.  Existing clients who participate 
in the beta can elect to receive the same discount on SyzAUTO/z or to acquire 
any other component of the Syzygy Automation suite (SyzCMD/z, SyzMPF/z, 
SyzSPOOL/z, SyzMON/z or Syz/NOTIFY/z at a 50% discount).

The new features in this version include all of the following plus several more:

1)  Restart windowing (up to 24 hours after system outage)
2)  Comparative logic to issue scheduled commands or start JOBs/Tasks only "if" 
some other resource is active (or not active), or if running on a certain LPAR 
or any of several other query-able resources.
3)  Site Control of all warning class messages
4)  RAS updates, all DD's used by SyzAUTO/z are now optional.  They can be 
provided dynamically via parmlib startup member entries
5)  Optional Command Log (sysout or dataset) of all commands and actions
6)  Can reply to WTOR's as part of the scheduled packages or command entries.
7)  Simulation mode for all command packages, or the entire product
8)  Interactive refresh of the product schedule to accept changes without the 
need for restart of SyzAUTO/z.
9)  Command(s) to query all settings and functions, plus the NEXT scheduled 
command package or the just previous command package.
10)  The SyzEMAIL component of SyzAUTO/z has been replaced with a more powerful 
and intelligent interface as well.  SyzEMAIL/z allows the site to automatically 
send, via EMAIL, the condition codes and other facts about a tasks or JOBs 
execution including the condition codes at any time during or after the 
execution of the task/JOB).

Version 6 is almost a complete rewrite of the old SyzAUTO/z product which is 
why we are interested in such a large and complete beta test phase.  SyzAUTO/z 
is the optional automated Command and task scheduling component of the Syzygy 
Automation suite(*,**).

Interested parties should contact the beta team at:


Thanks for your time, and please consider joining the beta test.

Brian Westerman
Syzygy Incorporated

p.s.  For those interested, the SyzCMD/z (automated command scripting) and 
SyzMPF/z (automated Console processing) products will be entering a new beta 
phase in July/August, SyzSPOOL/z (the spool management and automation product) 
will be entering it's beta phase in August/September.

Also, as of the end of 2012, Syzygy will no longer provide phone or email 
support of the original AUTO product which was published on the CBT tape.  That 
product was developed over 25 years ago and was replaced by the far more 
capable (and supported)  SyzAUTO move than 8 years ago.

*note: for information on other parts of the Syzygy Automation suite, please 
visit www.SyzygyInc.com

the Syzygy Automation Suite which includes:
SyzAUTO/z    (24x7x365 command and job/task scheduling), 
SyzCMD/z      (interactive command scripting), 
SyzMPF/z      (Console automation), 
SyzSPOOL/z   (spool management and report maintenance with report availability 
via ISPF or the WEB), 
SyzMON/z      (run time monitor for all tasks to allow automatic notification 
of outages and automatic recovery/restart of resources and tasks), and 
SyzNOTIFY/z  (automatic notification of step and MAX condition codes via EMAIL 
for all JOBs and Started Tasks without requiring any JCL changes).

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