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> What is 'OCO' ?
> Thanks

there were several "OCO-wars" threads/discussion on vmshare. it was
somewhat more of an issue in vm culture ... since source maintenance was
standard and there were extensive amount of customer source changes
available from waterloo/share library.

tymshare had provided online computer conferencing for share called
vmshare starting in mid-70s; in part, because tymshare offered vm-based
commercial timesharing service (later tymshare would also offer pcshare
online computer conferencing) ... lots/misc posts about vm-based online
commercial timesharing services

vmshare archives here:

following is sample by doing a search on "oco war" in browse mode
against all memo, note, and prob files.

OCO's 10th b'day

OCO & source business

issue sort of dates back to 23jun69 unbundling announcement with start
to charge for application software. misc. past posts mentioning

initially only application software was charged for ... using
an excuse that kernel/system software was required for operation
of the hardware.

later various circumstances precipitated decision to start charging for
system software. this was about the time that my resource manager was
going to be released ... so it got selected to be initial guinea pig for
policty/practices related to kernel software charging.

change to charging for software eventually also evolved into
Object-Code-Only (i.e. OCO, no source).

recent post also mentioning 23jun69 unbundling announcement
.... resulted in start charging for SE services. Help settle a job title/role debate

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