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Anne & Lynn Wheeler <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> The "OCO-wars" (object code only) in the early 80s were somewhat
> turbulent.

re: Open z/Architecture or Not

as before the vmshare archives are at

old vmshare post about the original source maint infrastructure,
originally developed on cp67

a quicky search for some OCO related posts from archive ...

this is discussion from 93 regarding the OCO's 10th b'day:

OCO Study Handouts from SHARE 72 (Feb89)

TUCC's MVS/370 to MVS/XA conversion experiences (Jun88)

VM Program Products which should be distributed with Source Code.
(started May80)

old email mentioning vmshare ... including discussing obtaining monthly
copies of all vmshare files for putting up on the HONE system for
worldwide sales and marketing

and other internal systems.

for other drift, one of the things i did during this period was do a
rex(x)-implementation replacement for ipcs debugging tool.

part of the issue was to demonstrate that rex(s) wasn't just another
pretty exec language. the objective was to be able to replace the
existing ipcs (which was a large body of assembler implemented code)
with a

1) rex(x) implementation, 
2) that took less than half-time over 3months to implement, 
3) had ten times the function and 
4) ten times the performance (took some slight of hand)

a side-effect was that if it was decided to replace the existing
implementation ... then "source" would have to be shipped for the new
ipcs ... regardless of any OCO-policy.

It was never decided to ship the implementation as replacement IPCS
... but it eventually came to be used at effectively all internal
datacenters and the majority of PSRs processing customer reported

However, i was approved to give a share presentation on the
implementation ... and within a couple months after the presentation,
there were a number of similar implementations by various organizations.

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