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some old VMSHARE related email

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In 1985, BITNET was THE academic network. The Internet did not exist
yet, and its ancestor, the ARPAnet, was still mostly a defense
network. A few US universities were connected to the ARPAnet, but in
Europe the only large, non dial-up network was BITNET. BITNET had a
Network Information Centre, called BITNIC or just "the NIC". Like most
BITNET sites at the time, the NIC was using an IBM mainframe running

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some old email exchanged with the person responsible for setting
up EARN (we also exchanged offspring one summer):
in this post UUCP email

misc. past posts mentioning bitnet and/or earn (european bitnet):

BITNET wiki page:

various BITNET archive files:

the arpanet great cutover to tcp/ip was on 1/1/83 ... at the time
arpanet was somewhere between 100 and 255 nodes (depending on how
accounted for) ... while the internal network was starting to push 1000
nodes (which it reached later in 1983).

there was csnet and then various regional networks running tcp/ip (and
other protocols).

the internal network (using technology similar to bitnet & earn) was
larger than arpanet/csnet/internet/etc from just about the beginning
until summer of 85 (the internal network was accounted for separately
from bitnet & earn).

one of the reasons why internal network lagged behind in numbers
was that there were starting to be deployed increasing numbers of
workstations and PCs as nodes with TCP/IP ... while internal networking
remained mainframes with workstations and PCs interfacing via various
terminal emulations mechanisms

NSF then announced RFP for T1 "high speed" backbone ... that was
utilized to interconnect some of the regional academic (tcp/ip)
networks. tcp/ip was technology basis for the modern internet, nsfnet
was operational basis for the modern internet, and CIX was the
busines/commercial basis for the modern internet.

misc. past posts mentioning nsfnet
and old nsfnet related email from the period

old reference to getting corporate csnet connection in '82
in this post Ok Computer

old reference to internal network announcement of the 1000th node in '83

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