And it is more like $5600/yr if I read the ADCD pricing correctly at $900/yr to 
continue support for another year ($4700/yr for the one-CPU dongle, $900/yr for 
the ADCD stack).

So that is about equivalent to buying a new SUV on a 5- or 6-year purchase plan 
(not including insurance), or about $500/mo, and then continuing to pay for it 
for as many years as you want/need to run it.

Not like the one-time cost of a Harley at all.


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On 7/1/20 10:19 PM, Brian Westerman wrote:
> You can join developerworks and license z/PDT, which is what I and 
> most people do.  It's not that expensive, and it won't kill you like 
> buying that big old Harley-Davidson will.

Does joining DevelperWorks change the pricing?

Because z/PDT (or whatever it's called today) is quite expensive, particulalry 
for hobbyists / students.

I priced it out a few years ago and it was $5,000 per year or $10,000 one time 
w/o any support or updates.

That's decidedly outside of the reach of most hobbyists.

Buying physical equipment and powering it can be less expensive than that.


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