I've just posted a new tool to www.lbdsoftware.com
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SETCLIP is an ISPF dialog that makes it easy for a user to create from

one to ten (the ISPF max) ISPF Edit Clipboards from existing datasets

for use during the ISPF session.


The dialog has two modes that are determined by how the command is



Mode 1:  Define, or update, user clipboards


This mode is enabled when the SETCLIP command is invoked without any

parameters and will display an ISPF panel on which the user enters:


   - Clipboard Name

   - Dataset Name where the clipboard data resides

   - Optional Starting and/or Ending records to be copied into the



The Clipboard name is a 1 to 8 character name that must follow the

standard PDS member naming convention.


The Dataset name is the dataset, or dataset member, where the data is

located to be copied into the clipboard.


The starting and ending record numbers are optional. If not specified

then all records are copied into the clipboard.


Usage note:  By using the starting and ending record numbers the user

can have one dataset with data for multiple clipboards in it.


When the clipboards are defined the ENTER key will create, or update,

the active clipboards. PF3 will update and then exit while CANCEL will

exit without making any updates.


Mode 2: Create clipboards only


This mode is enabled when the SETCLIP command is invoked with any

non-blank parameter and will process the defined clipboard information

to create the clipboards.


This mode is designed to be used out of the ISPF ZSTART process that

runs when ISPF starts so that the clipboards are available for any

ISPF Edit session during the current ISPF session.


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