Focusing on 'permitted in many corporate environments'. I know nothing about 
7-Zip, but some share-ware products state that--while freely available for 
individual use--they are prohibited for commercial/business use. That 
possibility is sufficient for many corporations to disallow 'unapproved' 
products on employees' company-issued machines. Share-ware may get approved, 
but the red tape may bowl you over.  

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Previous releases (up to k4t4949a) would unzip using Windows Explorer/File 
Manager, and did not require the user to install the 7-Zip utility, which is 
not permitted in many corporate environments. Is there some reason that the 
standard PKZIP format can no longer be used? The last release of the z/OS 1.13 
manuals was much larger, and still did not require 7-Zip. I tested this myself; 
the .zip file is only about 12 percent larger than the .7z file. In any event, 
the download should use a suffix of .7z (and NOT .zip) if IBM is truly 
delivering the file in 7-Zip format.

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