On Tue, 20 Sep 2016 08:28:24 -0500, Kevin Minerley wrote:

>The packager admits to using 7-zip (yes, we all figured that out).
>Someone had suggested a "finger check" -- bingo.   
>I've asked the to repackage and test it in Windows before uploading the 
Thanks for your quick action.  A few thoughts:

o "Admits" is a slightly biased word.  7-Zip is not the problem.  By experiment 
  scientific sample of one test case) it works fine if one chooses the right 

o A visual inspection of the 7-Zip display of the generated archive should show
  no compression methods other than "stored" and "deflated".

o For my experiment I skimmed the 7-Zip doc.  It mentions a command line
  interface.  That should imply that it's scriptable.  A script makes the 
  more repeatable, even if it's only a copy-and-paste from instructions on
  the screen.

o Test (also) on a platform other than Windows.  It eliminates one more bias.
  (Perhaps "jar" on z/OS 2.2 was grandstanding, but I chose tne most alien
  test environment available.)  Likewise, if the human resource is available,
  the tester should be a person other than the packager.

Thanks again,

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