On Wed, 21 Sep 2016 19:06:08 -0500, Paul Gilmartin wrote:
>Someone once told me how to start a ssh client to work as
>a NAT for AT/TLS.  Tried it.  Sort of worked.  Didn't pursue
>it because I didn't need it.  And my ssh client was on a laptop
>not subject to enterprise security.
Oops.  Don't get your hopes up.  With some RTFM and a little recollection
on Cygwin I tried:

    510 $ ssh -N -T -L 2992:MVS:992 localhost &
    [1] 10316

    511 $ tn3270 localhost 2992

... connected me to MVS 992.  But it does't resolve the problem because DNS
must still be able to resolve MVS to an IP address.  But wait!  I was able to:

    501 $ ssh -N -T -L 2992:10.xxx.yyy.zzz:992 localhost &

... supplying an IP address for MVS, and still able to connect via localhost 
But your TLS may be stricter.

How (operator command?) on MVS can I verify the port I'm connected to?

-- gil

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