Firstly, I think you have posted this in the "google groups" for IBM-MAIN. That 
is not the best way to do it, as many can't see your post as it is not 
propagated from there to the actual LISTSERV. You need to subscribe to the 
IBM-MAIN list to get the most benefit. Search hear, or elsewhere, for 
instructions to do that.

Secondly, your question is unclear. If you already have compile options in the 
source, just change/add what you want. However, that is not a common way to do 
it (although it does happen). Usually you have "panels" or other standard 
methods at our site to compile things, and you have to get those updated (or 
new ones created) to do your compiles with the new standard options that you 

On Thursday, 22 September 2016 15:56:35 UTC+2,  wrote:
> Hi, I have converted the PDS to PDSE successfully. However, I need to change 
> compile parameters in the source code. Can somebody advise?
> Like to add - SSRANGE, ZONECHECK and OPT(0) parameters

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