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>Jesse 1 Robinson wrote:
>> Just keep in mind that AFAIK opening a PDSE still requires SMS to be active. 
>> That means that certain libraries opened very early in IPL must still be 
>> standard PO.
>I don't recall whether SMS must be active to open a PDSE (managed or 
>not), but the reason why you can't use PDSEs early in IPL processing 
>(think "parmlib concatenation or LPA list") is more prosaic.  Much of 
>the code needed to process PDSEs lives in LPA.  Until CLPA is done, they 
>cannot be opened.

This baffles me.  It is like not being able to use SNA 327x channel
attached devices as consoles.  Code for handling both could be put in
the above the line portion of the nucleus.  It probably is too late
for it to be worthwhile to add the code for local SNA devices since
there are other ways of handling consoles but the ability to at least
read PDSEs at NIP time still would have value.  As someone who wants
to see a transition to FBA devices, I see the current handling of PDSE
as an obstacle.  

Tangential to this I also would like to see GDG capability for VSAM
ESDSs.  I would not spend money trying to make QSAM and PDS data sets
FBA capable since there are FBA alternatives.  IBM could tell the
owners of JES2 and JES3 to see how VM, VSE and AIX handled the issue
of FBA spool data sets and authorize them to "steal" the code.   

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