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I believe what's being referenced is than in z/OS V2R1 they enhanced FORCE with 
the ability to target a specific task i.e. FORCE jobname,TCB=tttttttt


To accomplish this previously would have required you use a third party utility 
or the widely circulated by level 2 IBM CALLRTM utility assembler program with 
the address of the TCB assembled in.  I'm still particularly pleased with that 
enhancement the origin traces back to some good conversation in hotel suite 
during SHARE in Tampa some years ago.

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>The "callrtm command" will do no better than anything else that
>requires private storage of the address space to run. It is nothing
>more than a targeted cancel.

Pardon my ignorance, but where is this new "command" described? I googled and 
searched IBM KC but only got references to the CALLRTM assembler macro.

Peter Hunkeler

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