SO, I have been working on inventory and verification that our CICS "underware" 
source and executables match. Some of these modules are literally 40 years 
since origination. I am comparing the actual load modules (Well, AMBLIST and 
ASMAZAP output DUMPTC into SUPERC :) )
In general, I can find and confirm that the source matches at least one of the 
running copies. And usually find why there are multiple variants. The 
"culprits" left several years ago.

But, IBM Macros (z/OS and CICS) have changed over time. BALR/BASSM etc. 
Arguably, the module, while different, still preforms the same. 

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> Peter,
> You started with this: "Any program change requires full regression testing,
> including "just a recompile"." I'm saying that paying "lip-service" to audit
> requirements, and not confirming that the programs are exactly the same, is
> heading (potentially) for exactly what you don't want. If the program is
> supposed to be identical ("just a recompile") then, for me, "testing" is 
> proving
> that it is identical.

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