Did you check out the material on ibm website for ICETOOL?  It is pretty much a
4GL type language.  Here is the URL and a brief Blurb for those that do not know

This paper is a mini-user guide for DFSORT's versatile ICETOOL data processing
and reporting utility.  The major
features of ICETOOL for z/OS DFSORT V1R10 (used for z/OS 1.10 and z/OS 1.11) and
z/OS DFSORT V1R12 (used for z/OS 1.12), including its JCL and control
statements, are discussed at length using many examples.  The objective is to
show you how to use DFSORT's ICETOOL to accomplish complex tasks

ICETOOL, a versatile data set processing and reporting utility, provides an
easy-to-use batch front-end for DFSORT.  ICETOOL combines new features with
previously available DFSORT features to perform complex sorting, copying,
merging, reporting and analytical tasks using multiple data sets in a single job
step.  ICETOOL was first introduced in DFSORT Release 11.1 and was significantly
enhanced in each subsequent DFSORT release.
The many enhancements to ICETOOL through October, 2010 are reflected in this


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> Before I dig into the books, does anyone have an ICETOOL example that does
> this;
> Copy all records in a file has these fields
> to a different file in this field order
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