On Mon, 17 Oct 2016 18:23:09 -0400, scott Ford wrote:
>I read that the Intrdr max recsize was 32760, but am I right if I punch to
>the Intrdr I am still limited to 80 byte records?
No.  I've certainly used >80.

o JCL commands ignore all characters beyond 80

o SYSIN data sets may have far more than 80.

o The rules for determining the values of LRECL and RECFM of
  a SYSIN at DCB OPEN merge are largely undocumented.  I believe
  they differ between JES2 and JES3.  I have a long unanswered RCF
  on this.  I should nudge it.

o FTP imposes an antiquated limit of 254 on JESLRECL.  This should be
  fodder for an RFE.

o LRECL= is allowed on DD SYSIN.  It may not have the effect you want.

o But RECFM= is prohibited on DD SYSIN.  Go figger.

o TSO and ISPF SUBMIT are oblivious; stuck in the 20th century.  ISPF
  submit quietly truncates to 80.  I consider this data loss.

o Beware that you may cause I/O errors on many utility SYSINs.

-- gil

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