If this question is inappropriate, please excuse me, but I would like to know 
who can give me an answer.

I've been involved with IBM big iron for 22 years. I've been involved with 
OpenBSD/OpenSSH for about 18 years.

OpenSSH is used mission-critically on z/OS. OpenSSH comes from the OpenBSD 

It is my understanding that Microsoft has given meaningful financial support to the OpenBSD project in appreciation of OpenSSH.

It is my understanding that IBM has never made any contribution to the OpenBSD 
project, neither hardware nor financial. The
OpenSSH mailing lists nonetheless continue to support consultants and IBM ISV's 
tuning OpenSSH on z/OS on a regular basis.

I am wondering who one would lobby in IBM's z/OS operation to attempt to persuade IBM to 
remedy this "oversight" :)

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