On Tue, 18 Oct 2016 19:34:10 -0400, Tony Harminc wrote:
>If you want to do I/O to your real storage, that is what IDAWs are
>for. Perhaps there are undocumented (or at least not publicly
>documented) IBM facilities -- I'm guessing things like crypto,
>compression, newer non traditional I/O -- that take real addresses and
>need more than a page at a time, but I don't know of any. In this
>sense, VM's Diagnose interface is an outlier.
I understand that for some time IEBCOPY could not deal with VIO because
IEBCOPY dealt only with real addresses and VIO dealt only with virtual
addresses.  I was slightly surprised when the conflict was resolved by
modifying VIO rather than IEBCOPY.  I suppose this required something
like an inverse LRA.

-- gil

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