In:    z/OS 2.1.0
    z/OS MVS
    z/OS MVS JCL Reference
    EXEC statement
    PARMDD parameter

I read:
    ... To use the information, the processing program must contain
    instructions to retrieve the information. ...

    For details on the format of the passed information and its retrieval,
    see z/OS MVS Programming: Assembler Services Guide.

Does this imply that the "passed information" is not in the venerable
R1 plist and that legacy programs probably won't be able to deal with it?

"Assembler Services Guide" is a pretty broad target.  Must I read the
whole thing?  The ToC contains no mention of PARMDD.

Hmmm.  The description of PARM contains identical language.  But
the description of PARMDD would be better if it mentioned the
similarity to PARM.  And both might more specifically mention the
CALL macro.

ISTR that there's a way to display substitutions performed on sysins
with the SYMBOLS= parameter but I can't find it.  However, ISTR
also that this is ineffective for PARMDD.  Bummer.

-- gil

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