Tom Marchant wrote:

>This is one of my pet peeves, so I'll extend your rant a bit.

>Ever since I started in this business, people have warned me that certain 
>people aren't smart enough to understand, and that giving them too much 
>information will cause problems. As an application programmer, I was told that 
>if I gave operators too much information,they wouldn't understand and would 
>f*** things up worse than if I just keep them ignorant.

You must kick them (who told you nonsense) hard and properly where the sun is 
not shining somewhere between their legs.

It reminds me of the joke I saw on Whats-App: 

          'If I tell people that the brain is an App, perhaps then they will 
start using it!'.

>The user-dummy is a myth.

True. I have one example to share - my users think I am also responsible for 
e-mails (we send out hundreds e-mails with RACF reports every day). So they 
contact me for e-mail related problems.

I then guide them to do tests (delivery reports, e-mails without attachments 
and temporary usage of private addresses, etc.) and guide them to ask the right 
questions to the right e-mail administrator (our own or their own admins) for 

In the end they now know how to fix e-mail problems themselves. Yes, e-mail 
problems were resolved in the end.

Groete / Greetings
Elardus Engelbrecht

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