Your qiestions are relevant. And very important.
And that's why I asked about people's experiences. ;-)

And I dare to answer some of the questions:

1) This is matter of declarations. IMHO more important is current set of features.
2) See above
3) I don't understand.
4) This is not shop sale, so each contract can be different. I haven't seen any offering from that company, but I know what to put in the contract. Without those things I won't sign it. 5) More important is fix time, however for my location the offering is 24/7/356.
6) How close??? This is matter of FICON and speed of light in a glass.
7) This is part of the contract.
8) They claim all microcode updates are online, disk additions and swaps are online, controller swaps are online.

(I'm still not a salesman)

Radoslaw Skorupka
Lodz, Poland

W dniu 2017-02-16 o 00:53, Lizette Koehler pisze:
Just one comment.

When looking at DASD for mainframe, keep the following items in mind

1) How soon can the vendor implement new functions that IBM implements in IOS

2) What feature(s) are you using today that are not available for some period of
time from the vendor?

3) What issues will the vendor share with their product?  FICON, IOS, etc....
bugs, challenges they have seen with implementation

4) What are the maintenance contracts like between IBM and what this vendor
offers?  Is the maintenance included in the purchase?  Does it increase during

5) What kind of support is provided by the vendor?  24x7x365?  Close to your
shop or far away?  How many CEs are close to your location?

6) How close does the dasd unit need to be to the mainframe?

7) Cost to add/remove storage components.

8) When does the DASD unit need to be totally offline for maintenance?  Or is it
dynamic updates?

Basically hardware is hardware.  What your mission critical apps need should
drive the hardware solution.  If it is not critical, then probably a good
vendor.  If you need something with a high level of deliverables, maybe not.

So, see if there is a list on the internet for the product or vendor.  Probably
there will be chatter if some shops are using it.


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Subject: New DASD for mainframe

I just learnt there is new DASD (disk system) provider for mainframe.
It's INFINIDAT. From the sales pitch it looks very promising.
The architecture is similar to XIV and the designer is the same person:
Moshe Yanai.
The difference is Infinidat support FICON connectivity and all "must have"
features like HyperPAV, remote copy (PPRC), PiT copy (flashcopy), EAV, etc.

Question:is there anyone who want to share user experience of the DASD?
Offlist opinions are welcome.

Disclaimer: This is not an advertisement, I don't sell it, I have to
relationship to any partner of the company.

Radoslaw Skorupka
Lodz, Poland

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