Paul Gilmartin said, in part:
>A lot of that I'd do with SELECT and CALL.  But partly I'm being compulsive 
>avoiding SIGNAL.  And sometimes I force a terminal condition (such as NOVALUE)
>to get the procedure call trace.

(Continuing this Socratically, not really trying to convince anyone, but in 
fact hoping to maybe learn something)

Forcing the NOVALUE is appealing. And certainly if you have a ton of nesting, 
such that you need the traceback (that's not a put-down, some programs work 
that way!), SIGNAL would be destructive.

My large programs haven't tended to have this kind of structure, just because, 
well, they haven't. Some of my servers have been largish (10K++ lines), or 
massively iterative BUT call structure was predictable (nested Multipart/RFC822 
MIME, for example, in a remailer-when that got too deep and blew the 
implementation limit, I didn't need to know where it had come from; the error 
handler would send me the offending note for analysis and manual processing). 
But I can certainly imagine cases where traceback would be useful!

See, I did learn something already...

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