0101: you did not show the rest of the expansion or the registers at the 
time of the error, or what the contents of the parameter area was.
This is basic diagnosis upon reading the reason for an abend that 
indicates that the problem is that reserved fields in a parameter area are 

LINKAGE=SYSTEM has nothing to do with SRB mode or task mode. A service 
documents in what dispatchable modes it may be invoked.

>Thanks that's what I thought

The odds are far better that you did not get this on the VSMLOC than that 
you overlaid the system function table.
But anything is possible.

Capture an SVC Dump and look at the system trace entries for the PC's and 
demonstrate that what you say happened did happen by showing the relevant 
trace entries and the actual code identified by the trace entries (since 
the trace entry will identify the address of the PC).

Peter Relson
z/OS Core Technology Design

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