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>I'm probably not really understanding what you want to do. So I'll give a
>try at an alternate explanation for what I _think_ you want. You have a
>"test" version of a program, call it TESTPGM, in your production PDSE. This
>is a test version of PRODPGM in the same PDSE. You have another program,
>MAINPGM, which invokes PRODPGM. You want MAINPGM to invoke TESTPGM instead,
>without any changes to MAINPGM. You are running MAINPGM inside some sort of
>debugger. You debugger can "dynamically rename" TESTPGM to PRODPGM by using
>the IEWBLODI. I am wondering why you can't simply do a LOAD on  TESTPGM,
>then use and IDENTIFY to create a CDE for the name PRODPGM using the EPA
>for TESTPGM which you can get from the LOAD. Something akin to:
>  LR   1,0 LOAD EPA TO GPR1
>Note, that I'm going mainly off of memory, so please excuse any errors in
>the above.
>Veni, Vidi, VISA: I came, I saw, I did a little shopping.
>Maranatha! <><
>John McKown

You got it right.
I need to further analyze the source to find out what else was IEWBLODI 
supposed to do there.
Thank you.

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