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>There was a post to ibm-main by Allan Kielstra of IBM compiler development (I 
>think) on May 10, 2017 (How are Program Object sections with Defer attribute 
>loaded?) that discusses how the writable static area (WSA) is used in COBOL V5 
>and COBOL V6.  Briefly, this is how I understand it.  If the "NOWSOPT" 
>compiler option is used (the default in COBOL V5) then all COBOL 
>working-storage is placed in the WSA.  If the "WSOPT" compiler option is used 
>then working-storage is separately allocated upon initial entry to the program 
>and the address of the WS is placed in the WSA.
>Hopefully I got that all right!

Everyone talks about WSOPT vs NOWSOPT compiler option, but I can't find them 
documented in COBOL documentation library.
Are WSOPT and NOWSOPT some nicknames of the accurate terms?
Where are they documented?

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