Is there a line command equivalent to ROSCOE line command using CR?  Let me 
000001 HSEND FIXCDS D TESTJOB.D286.T2041375.TTQM0003               DELETE -
000002    PATCH(X'06' BITS(0.....1.)) ODS(SYSTEST.FIXCDS)                  
000003 HSEND FIXCDS D TESTJOB.D286.T2101225.TTQM0003               DELETE -
000004 HSEND FIXCDS D TESTJOB.D286.T2120595.TTQM0003               DELETE -
000005 HSEND FIXCDS D TESTJOB.D286.T2141244.TTQM0003               DELETE -
000006 HSEND FIXCDS D TESTJOB.D286.T2203302.TTNRON70               DELETE -
000007 HSEND FIXCDS D TESTJOB.D286.T2221294.TTQM0003               DELETE -
000008 HSEND FIXCDS D TESTJOB.D288.T1345356.TMDMDE21               DELETE -
000009 HSEND FIXCDS D TESTJOB.D295.T1345250.TMDMDE21               DELETE -
000010 HSEND FIXCDS D TESTJOB.D298.T1045337.TPDMDE21               DELETE -
000011 HSEND FIXCDS D TESTJOB.D299.T1345302.TMDMDE21               DELETE -
000012 HSEND FIXCDS D TESTJOB.D300.T1045286.TPDMDE21               DELETE -
In the above member I would like to copy line 000002    PATCH(X'06' 
BITS(0.....1.)) ODS(SYSTEST.FIXCDS) after each HSEND command.
In ROSCOE (miss it dearly)  all I had to do is type CR in 000002 and an A in 
000003 up to 000012.  Does ISPF have something similar?
Thanks in advance 

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