Nope.  ISO charges for everything, and it is not usually cheap either.


The only possible "free" place I can think of might be a university or college 
CS department that already paid for it and makes it available to CS students.  
But non-students/faculty might not have access even then.

And most such programs aren't teaching COBOL any more.  Or even caring anything 
at all about it.


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> This would not be an extension.  It is part of the COBOL 2002 and 
> 2014 ISO standards.  It's up the the implementer to define the 
> behavior.  I am suggesting the behavior.

​Hum, is there a place on the Web to read these standards? Preferably ​for free.

> Is it worth spending time/money on?  Well, that's a different 
> question.  ;)
> Frank

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