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>>Everyone talks about WSOPT vs NOWSOPT compiler option, but I can't find the=
>>m documented in COBOL documentation library.
>>Are WSOPT and NOWSOPT some nicknames of the accurate terms?
>>Where are they documented?
>Everyone?  No one should talk about this hidden option.  We added it to V5
>for a specific customer situatation.  We did not want to change V5 behavior
>for everyone.  COBOL V6 is now using the preferred WSOPT behavior.  That
>means that WORKING-STORAGE is acquired from HEAP just like all COBOL versions
>did before COBOL V5.  This in turn means that the STORAGE option can again be
>used to set initial values of WOKRING-STORAGE to x'00' or x'FF' or anything.
>We have improved the "How to find WORKING-STORAGE at runtime" instructions
>in the COBOL V6.2 Migration Guide.  This has been a work in progress, starting
>with trying to do things the 'C' way (WSA) and then moving back to having the
>runtime allocate WORKING-STORAGE as in previous COBOL versions.
>By the way, COBOL V5 goes out of marketing in Sept, it will no longer be
>available.  Honestly, the only COBOL version I would think anyone would want
>is COBOL V6.2, it has lots of things to make it more natural for COBOL
>application programmers, as well as exploitation of z14 hardware and
>performance improvements!
>TomR              >> COBOL is the Language of the Future! <<
The one thing that confused me was the word "option" which I've looked for
in vain at COBOL Customization Guides for V5.1, V5.2 and V6.1.
I understood "option" to refer to the selection of one of several possible
values a variable can have, at the user discretion, while a "characteristic" 
would refer to a setting the user has no control over.
So, WSOPT seems to a characteristic, not an "option".
Are you hinting that Ent. COBOL V6 for z/OS will not generate deferred 
data classes?

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