Hi Kirk,

my initial assumption would be that the "spike" effect they're seeing is not 
specific to the fact that OMVS initiators are being used.

As you mentioned,it is important that the work that newly arrives into the 
system is properly classified  and has not overly aggressive goals. However, it 
is equally important that  the other "important" is correctly classified with a 
goal that is aggressive enough to protect against other work. This last item is 
"usually" what contributes most to such unwanted effects.

Then, depending on the JCL being used jobs may consume some (or more) CPU 
resources during initiation before classification is in effect. For such cases 
there is the IEAOPTxx INITIMP parameter. Specifying INITIMP(E), or one of the 
numeric values, depending on the workload to be protected can be useful to 
minimize the spike effect due to incoming work

Horst Sinram - STSM, z/OS Workload and Capacity Management

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