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I have not setup an offloader in a few decades.  I am not sure if I can do what
I want

I know how to setup the Offloader, the OFFx.Sx and dataset name/retention/unit

I have a JES2 Output queue, call it OUTPUT CLASS A, where I need to offload some
but not all of the output

I would like to offload all work from Jan 2018 in output class A and nothing

These have various jes2 jobnums, writer names, owner names, etc.  So there is no
criteria that would be very specific to what I want.

What I would like to do is offload the OUTPUT CLASS A output by jobname mask AND
create-date CRDATE 

Is that possible? Or would there be another process?  It must be with the JES2
Offloader - no 3rd party products can be used or acquired.

I have been reading the manuals, but I am not finding much on the crdate I would
like to use.  I did see that I might need to look at $WSTAB as a way to get
CRDATE, but I have not explored that yet.


Lizette Koehler
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