Mark Jacobs wrote:

>Sometime this year all existing mainframe processes will be moved to another 
>fulfillment house(non-mainframe) for Time Inc (now Meredith Corporation) and 
>Time Customer Service will be shut down. It's been a great 22.5 years here for 
>me, I might make it to 23 in August before I'm terminated. After that happens, 
>who knows what the future brings.

Ouch, seemed things have Time Out for you... 

(similar to the other IBM-MAIN member whose company is trying to 
'get-off-the-mainframe' for how many years...)

We will miss you, your wisdom and your posts. All of the very best to you and 
your family.

I really hope you can get another work in time. Please keep us updated if you 

Good luck.

Groete / Greetings
Elardus Engelbrecht

Thursday - this day is actually called "Friday Beta Version". ;-)

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