The downloads are available from Red Hat, but not sure if you need to have a 
contract or not with Red Hat to get access to the downloads.  However, the 
architecture is s390x and since you don't have KVM or zVM, then the 
installation is a little more difficult because you will have to load Red Hat 
from the HMC or a FTP server that is accessible from the HMC.   But, the actual 
installation is pretty straight forward if you have installed Red Hat on 
another platform.  Other difficulty would be access either DASD or Disk, DASD 
being count key data and Disk being SAN disk.  Not sure, which one is actually 
available to Linux running on bare metal and the same with the networking 
components.  I know with z/VM, the virtual switch and layer 2 switching works 
the best with multiple Linux servers.

The Red Hat manual steps you through the installation of Red Hat on z/VM, but 
not sure about native LPARs.

Ubuntu has a web page showing how to install Ubuntu as a Linux LPAR.  So, I 
would assume installation of Red Hat would be very similar.


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Finally we are getting an IFL from IBM on trial  to install Linux on our z13. 
No KVM or zVM on the Mainframe. I am looking for any redbooks or IBM 
installation document for Linux on zSeries. I am inclined towards  Red Hat 
Enterprise Linux AS 7 as I expect it to be better integrated with APACHE SPARK.
Hopefully IBM zLinux document can give me comparative studies of different 
Linux distribution available on zSeries.

seeking expert advise , experience,   gotchas, ROTs.


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